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Director of Sales Resume Template

Director of Sales

Executive resume templates show you how to write the kind of resume that will stand out when reviewed by high level recruiters or even board members. The first question that it should answer is what is in it for the person who needs to do the hiring? As a job seeker, you need to start off strong and be able to demonstrate that you understand what the position entails and that you have something to offer the employer. More often people create resumes that are general and will send the same resume to different companies but if you want a specific position you have to create a resume that is specific to that position. 

Be straight to the point and tell the employers what they want to know. The mistake that most people tend to make is to start off with a general objective statement about who you are and what your career goals are. When answering a job posting be direct and address what the job-posting needs otherwise you come off sounding like someone who simply trying out their luck. 

Replace the objective statement with a summary of what you have achieved and accomplished in your career so far. Demonstrate the skills you have and map out how your skills fit the employer or recruiter\'s needs. 

Have a clear message about the value you can bring to a company. Emphasize the aspects of your experience and expertise that match the employers and focus only on those positives. Your resume should be consistent from the beginning to end. Make sure that what you started off by saying you can do at the beginning ties up with the detailed story that follows about your work experience, competencies and skills. 

You need to back-up your claims about what a great asset you can be to a company. This means you skip the job responsibilities from your previous employers and go straight to the career achievements. Responsibilities are great, they show what you did or what you can do but achievements show that what you did made a significant difference. People will want to meet you if your resume shows that you were instrumental in increasing revenue and continuing something like an 8 year growth in revenue. 

Provide context for all the achievements you list, and like in the example “Educated the Sales Force in … which is something that will pay for itself in x years and succeeded in maintaining an 8 figure sales growth in a volatile economy”. This shows what exactly you are capable of doing, to turn things around in difficult situations.

Your resume should be clean and easy to read. Use highlights and bolding to get your readers to pay attention to those points that are important to you. Remember the importance of focusing your reader\'s attention but do not overuse shading because it can be loud and distracting.

Use executive resume samples to get the inspiration to write a resume that will land you your dream job.
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