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Sales Manager Resume Template

Sales Manager

A seasoned professional in the field of sales looking to branch out into consultancy for start-up businesses needs to demonstrate a record of experience working in a variety of B2B environments.

From small to medium- sized businesses, a professional sales expert needs to provide expertise in organizational structure, be adept at identifying and employing the right technological capabilities and have the ability to teach sales best practices.

The Sales Manager resume template above represents the candidate’s level of expertise and acts as a stamp of approval for a consultancy role. John uses this resume template to demonstrate his capability and skill level.

John’s lengthy introduction summary functions as a comprehensive data-point to aid the employer in immediately recognizing the candidate’s skill level. John outlines his experience in pharmaceutical sales, pediatrics, orthopedic and beyond. Under the “added value” section John depicts additional merits to separate himself from competing candidates.

The job experience portion of the resume example is highly focused on metrics as they are associated with quantitative results. The final portion outlines John’s education – a complementary addition to his relevant work experience.

When applying for a Sales consultancy role, demonstrate your experience in corporate environments. Use your extensive work history to represent yourself as a leading expert that can take a start-up to a higher level.
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